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New Idea: The Double Drop potion!

Aug 01, 2014
For a price for 1250 crowns, players can buy a "Double drop potion" from the crown shop. It lasts 12 hours and doubles all loot earned from battles. For example, if a regular battle dropped 5 items, using this potion it would drop 10 items! As mentioned before, it lasts 12 hours, so if you don't get the items you need on your first run you will always have as much time as you need.

You may be thinking "whats the point of the double chance chest if this comes out?" well, the chest would be more of a gamble, it starts off cheaper so you'd have to be luckier to get exactly what you wanted, however this potion is a safer but more expensive way of getting what you want.

Tell me what you think!

Aug 03, 2011
I think this a fantastic idea!
I personally would love this, because there is one dude that I have fought almost fifty times and still haven't got what I want from him, so this would tremendously increase my chances of getting the item.

Wolf StrongFist, 125
Wolf WinterFist, 16

Jul 12, 2015
This would be honestly a great idea! I would most likely buy this if I were in higher-level dungeons(example is Darkmoor ) and of course, during double reagents you could get 4x the amber!!! Who wouldn't love that? But good idea I would love this to go in-game