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New Idea: Pet Stat Converter

Jul 21, 2013
I think that there should be a crazy looking hatching machine that takes the stats from one mega pet and converts them exactly onto another pet. This machine would auto train your new pet to the level of the old one and would have the exact same stats and everything! This machine could also boost current stats by 5 for 4 times. (Ex. Strength = 250 | Upgraded Strength = 255.) And lastly the machine could redo a failed pet talent! I don't know about you, but hatching pets and training them is the least fun part of the game!

This machine is very OP so it would need balancing out. It would cost 2000 crowns to copy a pet or 1500 for members. It would cost 200 crowns to boost stats and 175 for members. It also would cost 150 crowns to redo a stat and 100 for members.

Next to this machine there could be a vendor that would sell pet snacks! They would all be mega rank 8+! The catch is that they cost even more crowns O.O!

The bottom line is this: Kings Isle needs to make training your pets easier! No one wants to sit there and train your pet all day! I don't know about you but I would pay huge amounts of crowns for this!!! Kings Isle could make a fortune off this and they know it!

Please leave comments about if your agree or disagree and why.

Connor Legendbane | Level 120 Myth

Mar 28, 2011
That seems more than a bit OP.

KI have done a lot to make pets easier than they used to be. We get better snacks as drops and at the bazaar, more plants that drop mega snacks, 5, not 4 levels, plus added talents from jewels. You can do it!

It would be nice to have more and better training options, but being able to instantly buy "perfect" pets would be way too much.

Apr 10, 2013
I know training pets may seem hard and long, but trust me Kingsisle has done a lot to make it easier for us players.

1. You mentioned pet snacks, well as it is mega snacks (lv 9) are available to all players it just requires a little devotion. If you want mega pet snacks that will make training pets a breeze, start gardening! Kingsisle did us all a favor by allowing players to farm easy mobs for crown plants like Couch Potatoes and Evil Magma Peas, rather than wasting money on them. By the way both Couch Potatoes and Evil Magma Peas give guaranteed mega snacks at elder harvest, plus they give some pretty good ones with each regular harvest.

2. Kingsisle also did us a favor by introducing double pet expierence and benefits for members, which makes training so much easier. With mega pets snacks, you can get as much as 90 expierence from just one training session, which is ridiculous! Plus, double gardening rewards also exists allowing you to get even more mega snacks from CP and EMP alike.

All in all, I'm not gonna deny that training pets isn't easy because it really is quite hard. But in truth Kingsisle has really helped players a lot, and I don't think we should take that for granted.

Mar 10, 2015
I honestly have commented before on making pets easier BUT no I don't agree the way you suggest it. Pets skills should be random because it makes it more a struggle. Pets as a mechanic for pve need to be hard to acquire because they provide a huge advantage. A person who has a good pet from start can quest 10 times faster turn a person without one. This means that the game will no longer scale propely. FOR PVP I agree with you but this pets should have a filter of pvp pets only not equiable in normal game. In such a case pets would be fair and would remove cheating in pvp and allow more flexibility as you could control the drop factors.

Crowns I say big no no as crowns already make the game bad as in balance. To do this would make the game buy to win. If it was do able it should be gold only example 400k gold to prevent people from spamming it.

Over all I find this idea idea good but it would be good if you could explain the following: the cooldown time for the machine: what pets would work for this (commons rare ultra rare, ultra ultra rares). How it would rise the stats.