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New Idea: House Pets?

Aug 17, 2009
Okay, what if KingIsle made a new quest (Given at level 15) so that you can unlock a special "Rug/Fencing perimeter/interact" furniture piece and you can put your extra pets in there? I think it would be a plus and make alot of people happy. I certainly would love this idea personally since I could run around with my Heck Hound or my Dragon or my Ghoul. Maybe even let the pets do tricks when you interact with them through the "X" button.

Pet:Ghoul/Myth Ghoul
Interaction: Digs with shovel

Pet:Heck Hound
Interaction: Summons a moon and howls.

Pet: Spider/Lava Spider/Brown Spider
Interaction: Spins a web

Pet: Dragon
Interaction: Dispells fire through mouth and or Nose

Pet: King Krok
Interaction: Makes a throne and sits down

Pet: Krokmummy
Interaction: Rises from tomb

Pet:Fire Cat
Interaction: Summons a ice mouse and plays Cat and mouse

& much, much more

And for Level 48 Pets...

Pet: Othrus
Interaction: Undecided

Pet: Ice Colossus
Interaction: Summons Ice field and "Ice Skates"

Pet: Wraith
Interaction: Summons a small Cemetery and walks around like a grim reaper

Pet: Satyr
Interaction: Dances a tune

Pet: Stormzilla/FireZilla(Although not a boss, same pet, different colors)
Interaction: Pretends to crush a city

Pet: Helephant
Interaction: Plays with a ball of fire

& more.

Just a little idea i stumbled across whilst playing with my Heck Hound.