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new idea for a new bundle

May 23, 2013
  1. wizard 101 should make a new bundle out of merle ambrose home in wizard city
  2. the new bundle can have Gamma as a pet and you can have a mount where bartleby is the mount
  3. the home of merle ambrose should look like headmaster office in the commons in wizard 101

ps ples let me no what you all think and any ideas are welcome

Dec 22, 2008
I love this! In my opinion, Gamma should have "will casts" instead of "may casts." I believe this should be given out to players who have had their accounts for 10 years. The potential for this is amazing. Will cast Shatter and Enfeeble would totally help out players. I love your idea of incorporating Bartleby as he is the emissary of magic, and so therefore Gamma could have maycast Rebirth.

I would really love to see a revamp of the Epic Bundle. Going along with the "Creepier Carnival" theme, this new bundle could be called the Ultra Bundle, since in the past they released the Epic, Mega and Super Bundle, but as of yet, no Ultra.

This new bundle would be based on the new textures, music and warmth of Wizard City. Another thing I would love to see with this bundle is to let women choose if they want the Princess look or the Warlord look when they equip the Prestigious gear.

But one thing that I believe to be a wonderful idea is to include the unreleased floor of the Massive Fantasy Palace from the original bundle.

When you enter the Massive Fantasy Palace, and enter up the stairs, there's a corridor to the right that leads to the drawing/drama room. As soon as you enter it, right across the way is a corridor that's closed off. I always wondered what this went to, but it wasn't until I admired the structure from afar that I truly realized what it was.

I counted the floors. Then it dawned on me. This was a secret level not released with the original bundle.

Yet. :)

I would love to see a return to our roots and not only a bundle, but a celebration of our players, our lore, our fans, our content creators, our producers and everyone who believes in magic -- together we all make this community special. Together we can make this dream a reality.

aka Canny Luke Hobbes
aka Scarlet WinterHeart
aka Anna Haven

May 23, 2013
i like your ideas hop they add them to a bundle to

May 23, 2013