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New Idea~

Aug 08, 2013
Okay so while doing The Great Spyre with a couple friends, I thought, What about the Giants, Tritons and Dragons? Why not start another arc with them? So fellow Exalted wizards, you know how Morganthe just fell into space once we "defeated" her? (Sorry for the spoilers if you didn't know that...) Well, as Malistaire did, Bring her back BUT her whole plan has changed. She wakes up them up instead. As you know from the Wintertusk/Grizzleheim, The Clave and their stuff, The Giant shouldn't be woken up. And that's just the ice one. Imagine the Tritons. So, From then on you discover THEIR worlds. (Ignoring the fact we've already discovered Dragonspyre {Dragons} And WinterTusk {Giants}) Except newer worlds. Thats about all i've got. (That actually seemed good, at least XD) So comments on how to edit it or whatever? Its just a random thought I had sooo yeah.

~Alexis FireStone, Exalted Thaumaturge

Mar 02, 2009
It's been a while since I was in Dragonspyre/Wintertusk/Celestia, so correct me if need be, but I believe we've already finished this. The Triton was in Celestia, and it had been put to rest. The Dragon Titan was frozen in stone. The Ice Titan rests at the end of a dungeon.Creative idea, but this can't happen.

Jan 27, 2012
Well I like the idea. With triton maybe it could be a lot like celestia, but about half the world is falling apart because of the Triton King? Then you find out he was being controlled by some bad guy and you freed him from the bind. Afterwords, he helps you in your quest which then takes you to an underground world inhabited by cratures like chimera, basilisk, etc. There you find the bad guy whos plan is to destroy Ambrose. Then maybe you go back to Wizard City where Ambrose take you to a secret part of the world that has been comprimised by the bad guys monsters and himself. You fight your way to his lair and fight him for the final battle of the 3rd arc. Its sketchy, and needs a few more worlds, but sounds like a good idea to me.

Nicholas RavenBlood Exalted Conjurer