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New Ice Spells

Dec 06, 2009
Spell Name: Great Bear/Ice Bear/ Giant Bear etc. (Amarok probably wouldn't work because it would look too similar to the Ice Hybrid pet you get when you mix Collosus and Orthrus.)
Spell Accuracy: 80%
# of Pips: 9
Spell Description: Deals a base number of 580-640 (base) Damage to a single opponent. After the spell is casted, the Bear roars ferociously at the target, creating a light blue charm over the target’s head. The charm will not be triggered until the target uses a spell. The charm is based off of the number of pips the target uses in his next spell, and would deal 50 Damage per pip the other uses (This does NOT contribute to the amount of power pips the target has, just the basic pip value, so the highest # of damage the charm COULD do is 450). The charm works only one time and will be created again if the same spell is used.
Ex. You cast the bear onto the opponent (It’s 1v1 obviously), and it deals 660 Damage. The opponent in the same turn attacks you back with a kraken, but before the opponent casts the spell, the charm will activated and will deduct 200 health from him (Because 50x4 is 200.) added onto the original attack. (I can't really go lower than the damage I have on there because Collosus is just 20 points under, it would be a waste of pips then.)

Spell Name: Galaxy Shield
Spell Accuracy: 95%
# of Pips: 4
Spell Description: Creates a -65% Shield to all schools on the target. It will not block any attacks that are Rank 3 or lower. Meaning, It will only block Rank 4 Spells or Higher.
Ward Appearence: Similar outlook to the "Tower Shield" for the School of Ice, just to make it stick out, it will be colored a bright gold.

Spell Name: Shieldstorm
Spell Accuracy: 100%
# of Pips: 1
Spell Description: Once casted, a -25% tower shield goes to all of the players on your side of the triangle.

Spell Name: Reflection
Spell Accuracy: 80%
# of Pips: x (Based on how many pips you use, it Reflects 85 damage per pip)
Spell Description: Reflects Damage 125 per pip.
Ex. You cast Reflection; you had two (normal) pips. That is 250 Damage that will be reflected. The opponent casts Fire cat on you, and it does 120 damage. The Damage will hurt you, but will also hurt the caster of the fire cat as well. Since there might be numerous complaints about the spamming of this spell, only two are allowed in a deck. This can be removed by earthquake, stolen by other ice wizards, and pierced by myth wizards.

Please Comment.
- Oran Titanrider, Grandmaster Thaumaturge

Dec 14, 2008
1. NO! i like the idea of the spell being a polar bear but the damage is WAY underdone. its barely more powerful than colosuss and new spells are usually meant to be at least 100 more powerful than the previous and even though the last ice spell (snow angel) was over 200 more powerful it should still be more powerful than that.

2. ABSOLUTELY NOT! for one the spell is barely a better sheild than tower shield. and then for 4 pips? NO WAY!!!

3. there is already one of these. its called legion shield and still its a better %

4. this spell i can see being useful. its basically an reversed frozen armor.

ok i see that you are an ice but you seem to think ice is the worst school if your trying to pass off these as better spells. but its not your fault. most people underestimate ice and i am determined to change their mind, i pvp a lot and most people are surprised when i beat them by a mile. and KI has been trying to keep ice fair (their not doing a good job right now though) but they cant please everyone. and they always seem to second guess themselves. in celestia you can get a pretty good resist, but they took a chunk of that out and apparently gave it to storm since in wintertusk since they now have a 28 resist. i have a feeling they will change this in the next world as they always do. anyway please realize that ice is more powerful than it seems.