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new ice spell :evil: click here fools

Sep 21, 2011
a little bubble appears with lydia greyrose in it and she tells you to come to her

she tells you that you now have enough power to summon the frozen soldier then tells you to go speak to kelvin

kelvin says he knew the frozen soldier long ago then tells you to go to wintertusk and defeat the gurtok ice demon to collect a frozen key

after you defeat gurtok ice demon you go speak to kelvin again

kelvin now tells you to go to colossus blvd and speak with ymir again

ymir tells you to go to avalon and unlock the frozen tomb were the frozen warrior has been traped for many years

you go to avalon and go to a large blue door in wierwood then unlock it and go inside

then the frozen warrior appears and tells you that he is very greatful and you can now summon him to aid you in battle

you go speak to lydia greyrose and she gives you the card


lydia: please come speak with me young wizard i have something important for you

lydia: young wizard you have advanced greatly, now you have enough power to summon the frozen soldier go speak to kelvin for more information

kelvin: ah yes, the frozen soldier, i knew him long ago he aided the frost giants against the dragons and the tritons, go to wintertusk and defeat gurtok
ice demon and collect a frozen key

gurtok ice demon: you think you can have this key, HA

gurtok ice demon: no this cant be!

kelvin: you've colected the key, now go speak to ymir in colossus blvd once again

ymir: you summon me once more, you need to summon the frozen soldier? he was very helpful, go to avalon and free the frozen warrior from the frozen tomb

narrarater: you put the key in the door and it dissapears

frozen soldier: you have freed me and i am very grateful, go to your teacher to learn the spell. so i can aid you in battle

lydia greyrose: you have made friends with the frozen soldier, here is the spell


a tundra apears and the frozen warrior walks up and looks at the monster and then chops them with his giant sword and then sticks out his hand and stuns the monster


damage: 1000-1200

accuracy: 75%

1001-1200 and stun

Feb 03, 2012
I like the idea but the accuracy should be 80% and thats too much damage for ice at this rank of attack, it sould be 900-1000, and if it's intended to be an aoe it should be around 850-950.

Jun 09, 2009
I like the idea, but you are kind of being mean in the last part of your title.

"When life gives you firecats, throw them back and demand Helephants!"-me

Jun 14, 2009

Wooly Mammoth is already one thousand damage it has to be the same and it should attack all enemies