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New House Items!

Jan 28, 2012
I opened a new topic to post in my ideas for housing items and to hear what housing items ideas you have!

So my new ideas:

Outside Walls: It's an item that is a wall and you can hang other items on it! Just like your inside walls. that way you can hang wands and pictures outside the house in your garden :) these could also be used to build rooms outside! so we got 2 uses out of one new item.

Enemy Summoning Shrines: These are object you can place only near a house arena. When you want you can summon an enemy (depends on the shrine you got) and fight it for drops or practice at your house! I think it should be like the music player item that you put in scrolls to determine what enemy you summon! normal enemy scrolls can be bought and boss scrolls should be a rare drop from that boss. This idea is based on the Jade Oni Shrine.

Please post your ideas and comments so we can have more uses for our houses!