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New harp spell animation

Jan 25, 2015
I feel that the harp wand that is available on Saint Patrick's day should have a different spell casting animation. It's a harp, so it would only make sense that it is played like a harp, instead of waved like the leaf clover or any stick wand. Like any other instrument wand, it would be nice to play the harp and hear a harp sound, like the guitar wand. My idea for the animation: when it's your wizard's turn, he/she would leviate above the ground and slowly sway side to side as you play the harp. Instead of touching the harp to play it, the harp would be floating on its own and move with you as you sway side to side. You would mimic the motion of plucking the strings and have little white and gold particles around your hands as you play. When your wizard's spell symbol has finished and is drawn into the air , you would point or extend your arms outward or do something else as it is casted. When you're done casting the spell all together, you'll descend back to the ground and grab the harp out of the air.