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New Global Spells

Mar 20, 2011
So yesterday on my level 100 fire wizard i went and got the new global spell from Amelia StarDust. I was doing this with my brother and his level 100 storm wizard. So, we did the quest and were going to get our new global spells. Once me and my brother got these spells i was honestly pretty upset by what you did. Why should they both give you 20% Armor pierce and Storms give 20% critical rating and Fires give you 17%. How is that fair? I also noticed that every school but also has this issue. Storm is already stacked enough. Couldn't you even them out by giving life outgoing for Namaste or giving myth stun resistance or something like that. You sort of evened ice out which i like, but why not the other schools? Please just even the global spells out. That will make the game more fun.

From, Kenneth BattleSword

Jul 26, 2011
The Global Spells are balanced. Why should Saga of Heroes (Myth Global) get stun resistance and not any of the other schools? Why should Namaste (Life Global) get outgoing healing and not any of the other schools? Life already has Sanctuary so they really do not need another healing global spell especially since Life got cheated out of the Azteca Auras with a healing aura. Storm is the strongest school so Astraphobia should have +20% Pierce and Critical (even though the really don't need it, I've hardly seen this spell in use). The Fire School is the second strongest school in the game which makes Combustion fine as it is with +20 Pierce and +17% Critical. Age of Reckoning, Counterforce, and Katabatic Winds are fine as they are to even though Ice has 5 more pierce than all of the other schools which is understandable due to their somewhat low attacks and their 2 pip global (the name is escaping me for a moment) has more damage than the other schools. So Combustion, Astraphobia, Katabatic Winds, Saga of Heroes, Namaste, Counterforce, and Age of Reckoning shouldn't be changed they are already fair and balanced enough. Any changes to them out most likely make them under or overpowered.
Megan Frostflame Level 100 Child of Light and Shadow