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New Fishing Spell Idea - Send Away Fish

Jun 17, 2011
I know I'm not the only one who does this:

You'll be fishing for a certain fish, lets say a Lifeacuda to craft your next fish tank. So you go to Northguard and do reveal fish school and see fire, life, and death. You toss in a life lure but a fire fish grabs the lure before the lifeacuda and you catch that instead. My idea prevents this.

Instead of casting out your lure and hoping a life fish grabs it you could use Send Away Fish. There would be one for each school of magic, and . Each one costs ten energy and sends away all fish of the selected school. They are for rank 8 and up fishers only. The previously stated dilemma would then look like this:

You are in Northguard for a Lifeacuda and cast reveal fish school. You see fire, life, and death fish. You select Send Away fish and see them swim away. You have 5 minutes until they return. You then cast Send Away Fish and they swim away as well. You then have only life fish left and cast in your life lure and catch that lifeacuda you need.

I would love if this became an actual thing, I hope you think so too. Thank you so much for reading this!
Grace DreamRider