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New equipment set? subjective idea

Jul 11, 2014
Okay, so as we know it wizards has some interesting and cool sets that can be bought with crowns, such as elf gear set, beast master etc.

So I just had the creative thought, probably not original, but I'm going to throw it out there. I think an AWESOME looking, epic set, that contains helmet, robe, boots, wand, athame, and amulet, pet as well? I'm talking an entire, maybe throw in a mount too, make is a bundle even? It would be themed around dragons and be fantastic! I like being creative, not sure what the stats would be, maybe this stuff could be for all tiers as well, not just high level, it it were made? MAYBE, this so called dragon based attire could be made more customizable, for each different class? example each set have different named gear, attuned specially for , , , , , , , maybe there could be an unbiased set as well, that has various school based dragon spells such as the following as a hypothetical example: ( I think ice class could use a potentially stronger, better looking spell than ice wyvern in this scenario, just an opinion, also so could balance and life.) technical stats for gear are undisclosed, unless otherwise specified.

Helmet; Maw of Vermillion - gives one Fire dragon spell
Robes; Scaled Maelstrom Plate - gives one Catalan spell
Boots; Wyvern Hide Brogan - gives one Ice Wyvern spell
Wand; Damascus of the Winged Serpent - Does 150, 1,500 or 15,000 to all opponents
Athame; Aegis of Dragon Scintillation - + a lot of health and mana, +35% in and out healing, high crit and crit block, +10% all res., +%10 to all spells power, +10% all accuracy, +15% pip chance, +10% broken shield logo thing, pierce I think it is?
Amulet; Ebonytalon Brooch - gives one Bone Dragon spell, feint, not sure of other ideas.

Pet; Ryu / based - Gives one *place new dragon balance spell here* also gives dragonblade that can be cast on all allies, hex, armor piercing spell to all allies, two spear logo may cast sprite, healing current, all awesome healing spells