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New dye opition

Dec 08, 2008
I'm unhappy with the dye opition. I see many hats, robes and shoes with appearances that is more available(or never was) in the game, also some clothes types is not available to some school, for exemple: Don't exist elegant robe to Death or Storm(with their respective symbols) while all others schools have it. Also, I need think about the old gear appearance, Astral, Masterful and Royal symbols is no more available, in my opinion is a good idea restore the Old gear appearance and turn possible add school symbols in Wizard City clothes. Well, my idea is: by a Crowns price, you can add Fire, Ice, Storm, Myth, Life, Death, Balance, Astral, Masterful or Royal symbols to clothes bought in Elosie Merryweather WC shop, of course, just one type of symbol whole be add. I hope KI do that someday, in commercials I see some clothes that don't are available to players and I believe that can help give more personality to each wizard, also each wizard is unique, I think their outfit need be unique too.

Thank you,

May 19, 2009
Every school is missing at least 1 piece of the elegant schooled themed clothing.

May 26, 2009
Aug 08, 2009
I agree about bringing back the old look at least, but I doubt they will ever bring the old gear back because it was too powerful. I loved the Astral Gear personally. I don't know, am I the only one bugged about the fact that the Silver or Grey looks more like an Off-White? I really wish they would fix that to actually look more like Silver and Grey.