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New crowns items

Jan 24, 2010
Name: Ying-Yang blade
Gives: 5 Epic crusades
Damage 105 balance
Cost: 5000 crowns (maybe 2000 on sale so i can afford it lol)
I'd just like to say this is a good idea because balance is a good blade for any school. It wont waste any of your blades (Except balance blades but that happens with any blade ) or elemental or spirit traps so if an enemy casts weakness and you have your set up already you can still rid yourself of it without wasting traps and blades, same if they cast a tower shield.

Name: Band of Reliance (Idk if that's already a ring but it came to me)
Effect: Boosts team health by 200 and team incoming healing by 7%
Pretty obvious how this would be an amazing item.

Please comment :D