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New Craftable and Dropable Spells

Jul 24, 2014
I think we should have new spells like Catalan, Ninja Pigs, Goat Monk, Winter Moon, and so on. I really think the game would be more enjoyable if there were to be hard crafting and low drop-rate spells. It adds extra fun content to think about and spend time on. Maybe this time, we could have recipe vendors and bosses who have spells from schools AND the original 7. So many people finish the game so fast and they need more content to keep them waiting for the next update. Many people are raving about the Loremaster and for good reasoning. Please reply about this idea.

Michael IceBlood Currently Level 21

Mar 30, 2014
We'll I would love to cast ninja pigs! Yeah that would be super cool
Nice idea!

Emily Deathdust


Jul 26, 2011
I agree we should have new lore spells. I've seen Storm Wizards saying that Catalan is a copy of Stormzilla (which it is) and actually I've seen people saying and also an article on Duelist101 that Loremaster is overpowered for Balance and needs a serious nerf (which is does!!!!) I think they should add 2 new Storm spells, 2 for fire, 2 for life, 2 for myth, 2 for ice, 2 for death, and 1 for Balance (since they have their precious little Savage Paw and Loremaster ) And about the Moon, Star, Sun, and Shadow spells, I don't think it's going to happen. Shadow Magic is only for wizards Level 94 and up but you usually don't get Shadow Magic until Levels 95-97 then again at 98-100. Star, Moon, and Sun have tc in the Bazaar and I don't really think they need attack spells. The only exception to attack spells for the Astral Schools is the Moon Shift Spells in Khrysalis (You get them at Level 98 I want to say?) As for all Astral Spells put together, you get them at Level 50 in Celestia
Megan Frostflame Level 100