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new clothes item

Jun 01, 2009
I know some of you people out there will think this is a HORRIBLE idea, but I think it is a good one :D. When i logged on my computer this morning my background was my wizard with the lvl50 death gear on. I realized that it has armbraces on it, but when i changed clothes into the lvl56 stuff it went away :(. I know why but I thought at first that was my ring i was wearing. So now I would like to ask about wearing something new: ARM BRACES! for all the little t-shirt clothes they would show, but long sleves they wouldnt! Well thank you for your time.

ryan deathbringer- 57 death

Dec 01, 2010
well while we're on the topic of extra pieces of clothing. Let's add gloves.

why can't we wear more than one ring? like 8? ok, well maybe 2 one for each hand? What about a cape? not all robes have them. we can wear toe rings, belly button rings, bracelets, belts, All sorts of stuff that isn't in the game just to name a few. Hopefully they will add more items to use. that would be cool. Maybe something you have to unlock at higher levels? otherwise they would have to adjust everything in the game. no clue though.

Dec 15, 2008