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new card

Jun 08, 2009
Okay, so i had this new idea for a new card called jeopardy. You need 6 pips to use it and what it does is gives you one one of the highest cards from another school. The catch is that you lose 250 health. You do not get to pick the card you get, the computer does that for you. the level you get it, 50 from headmaster ambrose. please write back anyone who thinks this is cool.

P.S. I have more than one player so if you want to be my friend here are the names: oran wildbreath magus pyromancer, richard ashleaf apprentice myth, mason wildbreath initiate fire, kyle wildbreath,initiate life, and i forget the last one but he is death.

P.S.S. Tyler Swiftblade, whoever you are you rock my socks! :D

Mar 14, 2009
Mar 19, 2009
me too tyler life caller level 43 pyromancer
ryan silver coin level 15 conjerer
tyler fire life
ryan myth balance

May 28, 2009
yo i totally agree but it should take away more health there is a death spell it takes away 500 health but only gives six mana so it should take at least 1500 health but it should be a lot more yo yo this is joseph night flame level 33 ice wizard sighning off...bye :D p.s reply!!!!!