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New Astral Spell Ideas!

Aug 02, 2010
I've been thinking that sun, star, and moon magic are pretty good how they are now, but they could be EVEN BETTER. What if there was a spell called "Multiply." This spell would multiply the percentage on a blade, shield, or trap by 2. This could also overlap sharpen blade and potent trap, making for even stronger blades than ever before. The next idea is a spell called "Night Sky." This would be a star spell that would be put on everybody on your team. It would increase Damage by +25%, Resistance By +10%, Accuracy By +15%, and Pip chance By +10%. This Would be very helpful for any battle. The last one is a spell called "End Morph." this wouldn't change you into anything, but instead would end a players polymorph, enemy or friend, and depending on which, it would either do or heal however much health the polymorph currently had. heal for friends and damage for enemies. if you have any other ideas, please say so!

Aug 01, 2009
Your ideas for the And Spells most likely won't get implemented if KI listened to your ideas but i like the end morph, that spell would have to be part of the polymorph mobs spell deck though.

Evan star blade level 63