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New area suggestion - Scarab Street

Aug 09, 2013
I just got an idea for a new area in Wizard City. How about an area called Scarab Street?

There will be a small tunnel in the middle of Wizard City that leads to Scarab Street.

Enemies will mostly be the school of and be Rank 2 (or 1, it's your choice)

Professor Ambrose gives a quest to let one of the Wizard City guards open the tunnel to Scarab Street. There will be a couple quests after that, involving finding metal to create a key, fighting off cursed scarabs ( school), and after that the player fights three tough bosses (a couple quests between each).

The Bronze Scarab (Rank 2 Elite)
The Silver Scarab (Rank 3)
The Golden Scarab (Rank 3 Boss)

All scarab bosses are

After the Golden Scarab is defeated he drops a key that unlocks a tower in Triton Avenue

This tower belongs to The Diamond Scarab, a really tough enemy that retreated to Triton Avenue when he was cursed and figured out the players were coming for him.

The Diamond Scarab (Rank 5 Elite)

The tower isn't unlocked until the key is found.