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New Appearance Only Attire Ideas

Dec 08, 2012
Ok so everyone knows the Archangel's Attire and how that one looks close to the girls version of the Commander's Robe? Well, to me, it looks good on a girl but horrible on a boy since it makes it look like a boy is wearing a dress. So who would like to see an Appearance Only attire that looks close to the boys version of the Commander's Robe? I think it'll be really nice for there to be an attire that looks close to the boys version of the Commander's Robe. If you was to design a cool Appearance Only attire that'll look cool, what would it have? How long or short will the cape be? Will there even be a cape? What may it have additionally like special symbols? I was thinking of something that had a long cape, had something like goldish edges on the corners of the cape with 3 Gold/Silver Stars in the middle of the cape in a Triangle formation, and had like a gun belt kind of thing going from one side (shoulder) to the other side (somewhere near the hip). As for the hat and boots, well, I really can't think of an cool appearance for Hat and Boots. I don't know but usually, I only care about the robe

So anyways, if you was to create an attire, what would the attire look like? I would love to know what others think of my idea of a robe here and I want to know what kind of ideas you have for an Appearance Only gear.