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New and/or Improved Mounts

Jul 25, 2012
I normally would add an introduction to this whole thing, but you probably already know the drill...

New Mounts
1. Chimera- 3 person mount- dropped
2. Rainbow Butterfly Wings- 1 person mount- crown shop
3. Mini Bike- 1 person mount- Pack
4.Shoping Cart- 2 person mount- April Fools Special
5.Dream Cloud- 1 person mount- dropped

Improved Mounts
1. Ghost mounts like the Cloudstrider Pegasus have a glow in the dark effect in darker areas
2. Reindeer Sleigh mount is a 2 person mount
3. Magic Carpet mount trails sparkling, golden dusk behind it
4. Wand shows on the Arcus Cloud mount
Thank you, you are welcome to add more to this, insert more stuff here:
-Caitlin LegendBright