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new amazing update!!!!!

Aug 10, 2011
Ok so here is what I was thinking...

I looked back at bosses and looked at their spells and here's when the idea came up. I looked and all you see is fire zilla or fire shark or death troll or myth imp. I was thinking what if we could have these spells? Now here me out... Wysteria can't teach them because of the books say but is it really that bad of an idea? now i think if you have the level 42 spell learned then you can't get any other spells right besides the quest spells from your professer. Well thats when your professer comes in. When you get far in the game it gives you the old spells like death troll and all that stuff. Your prob like well isnt that what mutate is for? Well yes thats the other thing. At celestia there is a mutate master there. It could become mutate spells that they add or my idea. Of course if the spell isnt in your school it would cost a training point. Please consider this idea and comment if you agree or if you got any other ideas and if we get enough w101 may consider it to happen :D!

My wizards name is Tyler Dragonspear level 86 wizard, if you see me tell me you saw my post and I will add you! :)