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Need ability to add more items in houses

Aug 06, 2010
Hi All -

I was visiting a friend's Sun Palace and was amazed at how massive it was. I am looking forward to getting one next week and start decorating it! :)

But here is the problem... he said he was limited to 250 items. I see that on my other houses, and it works fine... but for these really big bundle homes, you need more items to make it look like home. The smallest detail such as books or flower pot - these add to the home ambiance. I take great care and pride in how I do my houses (crafting and farming special item and so forth...) So even with 10 rooms at 25 items each room, you need a little more to make it just right...

Sooooo.... here is my suggestion:
Since there is an elixir that can allow an extra house, how about one that enables you add an extra 25, 50, 75, 100 items to a house. Of course, the houses would then have a new item cap - maybe 350 on the bigger bundle houses. And people can just buy according to their need to add.

Please consider this KI... It would add more joy to making our houses a home! :)

Nora Ravensong lvl 60 balance
Ellie NightWeaver lvl 60 death
Nora SeaStone lvl 60 storm
Ellie WinterBane lvl 60 ice
Nora WillowSmith lvl 60 life
Ellie DrakeMancer lvl 30 fire
also playing as Alex StormRider lvl 60 storm as of this week :)

Jul 02, 2009
Jun 19, 2010
I totally agree that the larger homes need the ability for more items. It would be great if there was an elixer a player could buy to afford those that want to really get into decorating the ability to outfit thier house in a more finished fashion.

I also wish we could either purchase or craft some of the Wisteria and Crab Alley furnishings. They would add great beauty to some of my homes.

Dec 07, 2009
i like the idea i personally like decorating (and glitching XD). i often run out of room in my houses too so i think it's a great idea :)

alex wildflame 8)

Jul 08, 2009
I agree. Recently I transformed my crown house into a Necromancer's nook, but I hit a bump when I didn't have enough room. I looked around and said, "Looks like enough room to me."

Aug 06, 2010
Ok KI... I'm almost done with decorating my Sun Palace.

I'm down to 9 items... I have removed bookshelves and decorator items in each of my school themed suites to allow for desks and chairs in classroom... I can't add steins at counter, I can't add banners in classroom, chessboard and pieces had to go outdoors... lobby area looks empty with just 4 benches... I can go on and on - LOL.

Please please consider adding more items to houses. This Palace has sooooo much potential!


Dec 21, 2010
I'm with you on the elixir idea. I too take great pride in decorating my houses. Also, their seems to be a lot of halls and walls and outside areas where things cannot be placed. An example, I'd like to place the theater masks on the theater walls of one of my houses, but can't.