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Nautilus- new fire spell

Aug 10, 2017
I checked out the new fire spell on YouTube today. Someone commented in the posts 'where was the original wizard theme' with the new spells? I agree - I love the magical, witchy origins and some of the new Wizard features seem to be moving away from that. I really enjoy the Harry Potter supernatural-type vibe.

Nov 22, 2008
I don't get what you're going for with your post, but I will try to respond to what I think the question is. That being: "Why aren't Wizard101 spells giving off a 'Harry Potter' vibe?"

While Wizard101 certainly has its roots from the time when Harry Potter was big on the market, it has LOTS of other complex cultures and worlds and histories to develop and explore. A way they have chosen do this is by having Lore Spells in packs to tell the story of that world in some way.

The newest spells especially are trying to tell a little bit about Celestia, and honestly I love that. I feel like most of the spells we learn are so detached from the story(ies) to be told about the world(s). Scion spells were a great step in that direction and the lore spells another great addition.

I, personally, wish we had MORE spells that told the story, rather than just summoning a creature to do a thing. To me, this is the difference between Fire From Above, a spell that reminds us of a story event, and Stormzilla or Weaver, or so many other spells.