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Natural Attack

Jan 11, 2012
I was watching a friend, new to W101 fighting some Rotting Fodders, and looked up their info on another website, and saw they have Natural Attack. I think this would be something useful to new wizards, especially when they fizzle a lot. I was thinking something like 2 levels of it (like the RFs have):

Level 1 spell:
0 Pip cost
50 Damage
Animation should be of the wizard doing a spinning back fist (if bare handed) or a spinning backwards slashing of their wand/sword

Level 2 spell:
1 Pip cost
100 damage
Animation should be of the wizard doing a jumping hammer fist (barehanded) or a jumping strike of the wand/sword's pommel to the top of the head

Both Spells:
1) 100% success rate
2) Sideboard Spells with 2 instances
3) Manipulated by traps/blades like wand spells
4) When the spell hits, it should have some school based animation
5) The animation at cast point, could be putting their hands, together, palms up, eyes closed (a meditative position) for a second or two, then from there, go into the middle of the fighting circle and should show some school based animation (like shooting flames/ice/lightning bolts at it, etc)
6) It should be that simple, nothing more powerful, just another tool that could be used in a pinch, and throughout the game.

Dec 18, 2008
I hate to shoot down your idea like this, but wizards already have a natural attack, it's the spell that our wands give us.

Oct 11, 2008
Well, the idea is cool and all, but both natural attacks are very weak for higher leveled players. I'm for the idea, but you'll need to add on to it for it to be a good idea.

Jan 11, 2012
The idea was to give young wizards something else to attack with; nothing more. Higher levels wizards should have a large assortment of low/no pip spells to work with, so this is NOT geared towards them. Sure they'd be able to USE it in a pinch, but it shouldn't be something experienced wizards should be relying on. How many 0 or 1 pip spells do you have? Tons of them I'm sure, even if you stick to only a primary school you should have a bunch of them over time.

As for the spell that comes with you wand, yes, you do have that, even early on, but I was just figuring to help out the newer students a little more without totally unbalancing the game (hence the 2 levels and 2 instances of each level). The attacks, at MOST would be less than what you get from the Wand of the Novice and the SAME strength as the spells you get from almost all the other wands the Shopping District has to offer.

I know high level wizards might like this type of spell, but really, is it necessary? If it were to be implemented for higher level wizards, then there'd be a fizzle rate, high pip cost and it really wouldnt be beneficial. my fire wizard does very well with the spells he has, and I KNOW my character isnt the best one out there.

And no, I dont mind criticism on my ideas at all, how else would good ideas be fleshed out, right? :)