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Name Question

Mar 28, 2009
A quick question for those that may know. Are we not supposed to be including our wizard's name in our forum posts? I can't access the Rules link up top because the subscriber's sneak peek icon overlaps it (every time I try it takes me to the sneak peak page).

I have been signing most of my posts and none of the moderators have refused to let it through so I assumed it was okay. However, I have noticed that nobody else seems to put their wizard's name in their forum post..... just coincidence or have I been violating some rule? I just feel if you are going to say something, you should lend weight to your words by identifying yourself. I guess I'm just not a big fan of stating anonymous opinions so I tend to sign without thinking about it. Though, that's obviously a personal quirk that I don't expect others to share. Thanks in advance!

Galen Titanbane

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Jul 10, 2009
I've seen a lot of different people post their player name under their posts, and I do it all the time ... I don't think it breaks any rules, since you're not actually posting your real name or email or anything like that. And I agree with you - when I write a response, I just sort of like to identify myself.

-Scarlet Angelbane