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May 13, 2011
It should be a nature world and the characters would be walking trees,rocks,ect.When you first go there and talk to duke rocky the rock he will say that naicherio is under attack by evil monsters(fireballs,bulldozers,ect)and they are destroying evrything!The one behind all this is maroon tractor(I got the idea from my 4 year old cousin who has a imaginary friend named Purple Tractor who is mean)who wants to take over naicherio because of the gold in the ground.enimies include:green flames,bulldozer grunts,and tractor minions.the zeke quest is find the cicadas who are large locusts and they say "you found me!"when you find them.Also there will be new schools:Blend,bug,and high(Angels and demons).It will have double school enimies that change depending on your school.I will post more later.

NathanielShadowTalon,level 10 balance wizard