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Myth spell improvements... much needed

Jun 13, 2009
Myth tends to fade in strength towards the end of the game and it gets the shaft big time with the final spell in comparison to all the others.

Couple ideas that could help out:

1) have final spell be an attack all spell
2) allow myth wizards to summon more than one type of minion at a time... after all, we're the king of minions!!!
3) allow myth wizards to control the basics of each minion... such as setting their "stance" to defense, offense or best judgement, etc

Myth is cool but it could be MUCH better!

Dec 12, 2008
While minions are nice i do agree to the extent that since we are a minion based class we should get a stronger endgame minion. As of now our cyclops is somewhat weak in comparison to other class's minions, and our minotaur mostly taunts and shields itself. Seeing as we do rely on our minions, the minotaur doesn't realy contribute much to pvp at all. And even with traps and blades we not realy able to dish out raw damage. So if anything it'd be nice to have a tougher offensive minion.

One solution would be to make Minotaur a 2-4pip summon. 2 would be defense mode, while 4 would function as offense mode. I chose 2-4 as to not cripple us much, in the sense that we're a minion based class and shouldn't struggle to cast spells we have an affinity for.

On the other hand i do agree we got the short end of the stick with the level 48 card. It's basically a souped up shied breaker attack and not realy that much of an improvement. I do have a suggestion for the cards function though, seeing as everyone else does damage and an effect why not give this card a combination of myth mage effects. A setup i don't see as game breaking would be a minotaur earthquake effect mix. And if you compare it to the other spells its not really better or worse than them. I'd say breaking shields like minotaur to do better damage and then clearing the enemies field similar to earthquake is fairly on par with the other end game card functions.

In Short the issue here is that we should always have superior minions, and our level 48 card needs a better effect.

P.S. I would really appreciate a KI Administrator or Dev's input on this if possible.

Jun 17, 2009
i am a master of myth. but in reality i think myth is fine as it is.. but the pip usage is a bit unfair summoning a minion costing 3 pips and can die with a higher spell cards then causing us to use another 3 pips to summon him out.. in pvp its not cool..

since i was thinking we should as myth only be able to control our minion..

since life is able to direct its healing targets to someone else such as pixie then i don't get why can't myth control their minion's attack..

other schools are strong in many aspects but myth is target of cleanse and buffing minions.. so this is my conclusion..

plus summoning a troll die in one shot.. in dragonspyre, or even cyclops.

death can summon level 3-6 or higher death minions. and death is already over powered with that as being the minion takes off alot of shields and has a high health wasting maybe 2-3 hits not to mention if the player shields his own minion.

earthquake for myth was a good addition but i think the damage wise needs to be improved to 400 at least.

Sep 23, 2008
um ok you know why the last myth spell is a spell that attacks one wizard it because of earthquake it the only spell that hits everyone with six pips the other six pip attacks only hits one person thats why lol

Dec 12, 2008
Pickman, in comparison to the other level 48 spell card's the myth one is by far the most outclassed its not much better than minotaur. And other than breaking a shield it doesn't really do much at all. When matched up against a massive attack that hurts you then stuns and makes your whole team skip a turn or one that heals and puts up absorb shields on the casters and his friends, I'd say we were ripped off big time. On a side note Look at our minions they're weaker than non myth and the strongest one's just an aggro magnet for soloing that attacks very rarely.

I can understand a storm or ice attack doing damage then stunning someone but not an area attack that stuns everyone that's just to much. In my opinion i think they should all be single attacks with effects and myth should have gotten another area attack spell. Truth be told this was a very unfair move on KI's part.

We're the class of minions and crowd control, yet our attacks (not including earthquake) and minions are junk compared to everyone else's.

So this brings up the question.
KingsIsle, why are we,
"The Conjurers, The Wizards of Myth, The Master of Monsters"
being cast aside in what we specialize in.