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Myth school needs more power

Feb 06, 2011
I play with a myth wizard as my partner, but sadly his school got the boot when too many people from PVP complained. They're the ones who pay the most, so they're the ones who got listened to. But I wonder if we can find a way to let W101 know they're hurting on the field now.

As a Death wizard myself I got it pretty good, I can deal out damage and heal myself at the same time, and even my summons are better than his. Myth is supposed to be the school for summons, it was also the school for multiple attacks, only now the best they get is that Frog spell.

If players thought the Myth school was too powerful in PVP couldn't W101 have just prevented some of their spells in the rink? Rather than dampening the whole schools potential as a school in the rest of the game?

I'm sure I'm not the first or the last person to bring this up, and I couldn't see where in the sea of posts to put this. But I'm just hoping one more voice will bring this to their attention, with a solution that works for everyone, not just those who pay them the big bucks.


Feb 08, 2009
Lots of people have suggested myth to be made more powerful in the past and I think myth is fine as is. I see many myth wizards that are pvp warlords ranging in levels from 15-20 all the way up to max. Plus myth just got a powerful AOE hit from Darkmoor.

Feb 06, 2011
In PVP they might be fine, but out on their own....is another matter. Their numbers are dwindling because they can't match the powe of the other schools.

Jun 17, 2012
I think myth is fine. in pvp, a good way to strive is shield and blade until you have max pips, medusa, stun, medusa again. if they aren't dead then cast a couple trolls. of course you will need waterworks or tartarus or even better, darkmoor gear.

Justin firethief lvl 100 Michael lvl 100 Adam lvl 43

Jun 20, 2015
One of the reasons why I changed my wizard. I started the game as a Myth wizard, but soon I changed to Storm because Storm is way more powerful then Myth. Yes you can summon minions, but if you're in a group of four, that's not possible and you're left with pretty weak spells and aren't a lot of help to others. I don't think there are a lot of wizards who take Myth as their secondary school of focus, because Myth is not as special. Let's review why people take each school as a secondary choice:

Fire: DoT spells and second most powerful spells.

Ice: Tower Shield spell.

Storm: Most powerful spells.

Life: High accuracy and healing.

Death: Attacking and healing at the same time.

Balance: Weakness, Hydra and Power Play like spells.

And Myth doesn't have any of it. Myth spells are average , with average strength and accuracy. The exception is the Minotaur spell, which does two waves of damage, a lower and a higher one. It is useful to break shields, but can also waste your traps. And Minotaur is at the bottom of the list of spells that is provided for non-Myth wizards to learn.
So that's why I believe Myth needs some major changes that will attract new wizards to make Myth it's school of focus and make it unique in its own way.
-Alexandria Dreamcatcher,

Feb 23, 2012
people do take myth on to be a secondary school school quite effectively in pvp, but as for questing i think the game gave all schools a woderfull upgrade package opening the perfect gear and spell even jewels!. mega colossal, khryulu (don't know how to spell it), and glow bugs where great aoe spells. i think death and myth got exactally what they needed. just look and apprieciate.

Nov 30, 2012
Yea. I partly agree with you. I've played as a Myth and it's my brothers main school so there are some things I like about it. I love their ability to remove shields, which is so frustrating when you can't. Spells like Earthquake can take out entire defenses. However, I do agree that there are some things that need a little help.
1) Multi-Hits: haven't seen one in a while and would like another. And maybe myth could get a new like "Double Trap" or something that adds a weak trap and a powerful one that count as the same spell, so it doesn't use the good one.
2) Minions: I love all myths minions.. But they just aren't that helpful. Usually I just use them as hitting dummies to take all the attacks when I need to heal or something. Myth minions should get a big update and be made smarter. More healing and blading the caster. Knowing who the castee is targeting and attacking the other targets. Myth should have a spell that allows them to have two minions at the same time. Also like death Myth should get an X minion based on pips

Sep 09, 2011
I think myth school has gone down cause people where afraid of myth. In PvP we where strong and we still are but this new spells and pierce ability has taken it's effect. I am matched with balance school which is ok but constant use of mana burn and Gaze of Fate which now has second hit ability and insane critical it's little harsh, even dispel doesn't work anymore. I will not mention that Tower shield is useless at that point. I still didn't figure counterattack for that strategy and never will as I see. Famous combo of medusa and pigs is gone cause of stun blocks which they spam cause they know what would happen if they didn't. Myth school has it's days but they nerf is so much that had me thinking will myth school be deleted and replaced? I see what others get spells, gear stats etc. In PvP it's all critical and block. If you got 90% of critical you will win even second going but why would I do that when someone asks me how you became "overlord" would I say I used max critical and I became unbeatable. If they don't use myth spells as secondary school then how come I see some using it in PvP? I still play myth school and play PvP but I am not going for badge anymore I am just searching fair play person rest are just people who can't play strategy they just repeat same combos as someone told them. Having badge and high rank is nothing playing fair is. We all took some part of each school as our secondary cause it just fits our strategy if it would be that all take spells for them self it would be different situation. Each school mixed right with other as secondary can apply only to person which is playing that character. I agree that myth needs more power but that would lead to new set of problems in PvP. Myth is not only minions why all say that? Minions are distraction and useful tool time to time but we don't need them always. Want change? Add spell that removes both stun blocks and you will see impact in few weeks or make few spells that can't be learned.

Sep 17, 2012
My Myth wizard is by far the easiest of all my wizards to solo pve. I think the reason for fewer myth wizards at higher levels in the game is players failing to understand how to play them once minions become useless. They give up at lower levels. My exalted Myth wizard easily solos all but the highest level dungeons like Darkmoor and some of the Exalted Ultra dungeons (Exalted Krokopatra is simple to solo with Myth). Myth is my only school that soloed Tartarus. I found it faster alone actually.

May 09, 2009
I've made another post about this before, but I really wish myth used summons as their class specialty because myth is my second favorite class, and if they actually used summons and other stuff i'm sure a lot of other people would like myth better. They should really give myth wizards a mini circle for a minion and maybe make it so you don't have to re-summon the minion every battle? Thanks for listening!

Cody Thunder Caller
Blaze Earth Spear

Feb 08, 2012
As a Myth as my main character, I can say personally that the most useful a Myth gets in high tier dungeons such as Darkmoor is shattering Yevgeny's shields or spamming Shane.

Jun 04, 2009
I honestly think myth is fine as a support PvP teamate and shouldn't be made for dishing damage. Although there is a problem where myth is trying to be a damage dealer when it can't.

Sep 09, 2011
ColePvP on Sep 24, 2015 wrote:
I honestly think myth is fine as a support PvP teamate and shouldn't be made for dishing damage. Although there is a problem where myth is trying to be a damage dealer when it can't.
It is true for support but sometimes even myth can deal big chunk of damage when it is needed. I would say this if they increase damage for Myth everyone would complain so don't worry KI would not allow that lol. You would say that Myth isn't damage dealer very easy but except Storm who can this days. Each school can has different damage but that doesn't mean myth is last one on the list. Maybe you just didn't see much Myth wizards who can make difference.