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Myth Pet Ideas!

Jul 21, 2013
I would really like some myth pets that match the actual dark blue and yellow color scheme. Most myth pets are just yellow or just light blue, but they don't match our wizards! I have some ideas that would fix this problem and offer pets that match our school/wizards theme colors. I also would like to throw out there that the Myth Leprechaun pet still has a glitched card that says 0 myth damage!

Myth Elf: I really, really would like a Myth Elf pet that is yellow and dark blue and matches the school insignia! It would look just like the other elves except it would be attuned to myth colors (yellow/dark blue) and it would have the myth school symbols/insignia on its clothing. It would have a spell that would be called Myth Elf and would do 90 myth damage and 420 myth damage after 3 rounds. (The spell would cost 4 pips.)

Strange Beast: I know that this is already a pet, I like it as well. I personally just wish that once again they could change its colors from blue and white to blue with a yellow stripe. It would match myth wizards better!

Mar 05, 2012
the Myth hybrid of sabertooth is gold and blue; decent stats too.