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Myth needs a new multi hit

Jan 27, 2012
Alright so almost all of the now scarce high level myth playes agree with me. Myth needs a new all enemy attack. I get its specialty is 1v1, but im getting tired of taking the extra time in every boss fight to kill the minion(s), then being able to set up and kill the boss.

Im not complaining, but this is definatly something I would like to see change. Maybe in the world after Khrysalis, or in-between worlds release new spells to each school, myth getting a all enemy hit that costs 7-9 pips.... NOT 11... thats way too many for an all enemy.

As of right now though, im perefectly fine with PvE against street minions. 4 blades and colossal frog almost always takes care of them. But as I said before, my problem is with the boss fights. As far as I know, every person (excluding myth [and balance against balance bosses]) that is at least a moderatly good player is able to blade up, maybe feint, and use their rank 8-9 spell and kill both. If i want to frog a boss for a OHKO, itll take 5 blades, aura, shrike, and two feints. (just guessing).

Anyone else agree? Lets see if we can convince KI to give myths a new multi hit!

Nicholas Ravenblood 95

Sep 19, 2013
Agreed. Myth's AoE damage is pathetic, and this is coming from a Necromancer who has to wait until level 48 for his 400 damage drain AoE spell. Quake is more utility than true AoE attack, and frog is, well, a rank 4 spell you learn at level 22. If you have to bring a level 22 attack spell into Avalon, that's a problem.

Feb 02, 2010
I think Myth is an Underrated school, so yeah! More spells would be awesome, and maybe some more spells for Balance and other schools too! Tara PearlGem

Sep 17, 2012
I agree myth is overdue for a more powerful aoe. That being said, Frog has gotten me through pretty much every battle. You can OHK all non-cheating bosses through Azteca without even carrying any other attack spells. A colossal frog does 600 base damage, that's 150 per pip, not bad. It's a little more than a colossal tempest of the sampe pips. Every other school has gotten a higher pip AOE.

Jan 08, 2011
yeah i agree there should be a like 8 pip spell that does a bit more than double the frog's damage

Aug 28, 2013
I really agree with you! I even made a topic like this too! Maybe they can change a past spell like Orthrus, Medusa, basilisk, or even celestial calendar. Or they can just make a new one