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Myth, is it for real?

May 31, 2009
I will be deleting my myth wizards, i thought i would give them a try again after several years have gone past since my last attempt. No good clothing, spells that fizz, and slow in killing. Shame, i thought someone would have caught on and made Myth better clothing past level 5, but as i look up at level 15 there are no better clothes than the level 5 they have on. I cant quest them in Level 5 clothing till they are half way through Krock world.
With Ice, Death, Fire, Life, and storm, I had no problems with gear or spells, but Myth, it needs working.

Jul 05, 2014
Sorry to hear about that! I am not a Myth wizard really.. but it still can be a very helpful school. You get to summon a bunch of minions to fight for you! And later in game you become much better. You can break shield and stun! Just looking at bright side of things, but I respect your choice.

Sep 17, 2012
Myth is one of the best schools for soloing the game. I made it through Morganthe to lvl 100 completely solo using no henchmen. Something I was unable to do on my other schools. Maybe it's not the school but the wizard using the school. I had no problems with getting gear for Myth either and my Life and Balance fizzle just as much or more. I think like with all schools, if you don't understand how to play it, it will be hard. You cannot play every school with the same game plan.

Jul 25, 2012
Myth is not a bad school. I know many people that are very happy with their myth wizards and don't think anything needs changing. If you don't like how your wizard goes in battle you should change the way you attack and defend because every school is great in its own way.

Nov 28, 2010
When I first started out with Myth, I couldn't stand it neither. It's been so long now though that I can't remember what level it was where I really started liking Myth. I know Minotaur used to frustrate me when it was the best spell I had. Having to put up two prisms when fighting Myth creatures was a pain. But eventually you start getting better single hit spells, with stuns.

But I like all of the schools, so maybe I'm a bit biased. I try not to worry about what I can't do with each one, instead trying to find out what I CAN do. All schools are awesome and crappy depending on how much you're willing to put into learning how to properly utilize the weapons in their arsenal, and the specific situation you find yourself in.

The game is intended to be educational to a certain extent. It's a good way to expand your mind into knowing there can be many ways to do the same thing, just change your perspective and adapt.

Dec 26, 2013
I recently started a new wizard after playing , and wizards. Actually, when I first began playing Wizard 101 I started with a wizard but I deleted him relatively early on and switched to a wiz. Being a beginner I didn't fully understand the strategies involved in playing all of the different schools. Each one requires a slightly different approach. I agree that can be frustrating at times but now that I know more of the intricacies involved I find it to be very satisfying and I'm really looking forward to some of the higher level spells.
See you in the .

Jul 03, 2010
Actually, I think life is harder for soloing and myth has pretty good spells as you progress your wizard. Many minions can help you fight, and you have to agree that myth has extremely powerful school pets with the right stats.