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Myth AOE

Sep 26, 2010
I think myth should have a more powerful AOE, maybe around 8 pips, that hits for 700/800, for level like 65?

What you guys think?

Mar 16, 2009
Myth does have an 8-pip AoE, the Lord Humongofrog card given by the Wandering Eye pet. It does even more damage than you're suggesting, and on top of that it also stuns all enemies.

Though, I would kind of like a trained high-pip AoE that doesn't need a shadow pip, simply for Monstrology purposes.

Jan 10, 2012
I agree that myth needs an 8 pip aoe. Frog in upper level team play is fustrating against 4k+ minions.

It is slighty annoying to other team mates,when i use frog twice (unless i happen to critical).
so i just tend to either support, just hit boss, or wait for shadow to use mystic colossus.
KI already has tc's for bosses,,myth fable lord.and lord humogofrog (just remove stun after effect)..

Feb 28, 2014
I agree with all of you. I think Myth needs another crafted or learned AOE spell between level 58-99 for soloing purposes.

Dec 13, 2008
definitely agree but torpzun is right the wandering eye has an 8 pip aoe i think it'd honestly be better if they put it up to a vote to change a spell to aoe i know myth is mainly focused around minions but seriously come on who even uses minions i know i dont i feel like if they changed up medusa to being a 1 turn stun but an aoe instead of single i feel like its do better that way because a 4 pip frog isnt enough and with a aoe medusa with 1 turn stun is no different than frost giant and storm lord but in between

Nov 15, 2018
They need to remove the minions (except Talos maybe) because they're just useless and just a pip waste, they remove your feints, the baba yaga egg casts guiding light 5 times in a row on itself. Minions should either be controllable by the player, have more health so they don't just die immediately, or just be more useful. Myth should definitely get an 7/8/9 pip AoE, like Fire gets Fire Rain and Dragon, Storm gets Storm lord and Sirens, why does Myth need to play with a weak 4 pip frog. Yes, the wandering eye gives the Lord Humongofrog, but why can't this be a learnable spell, why can you only get one copy from it and you need to have a specific pet? Myth has low health and low resist like Fire, but doesn't get strong hits in return for this, this just feels very weird to me.

Dec 02, 2014
I strongly agree with this post. Sadly this has been an issue for years now, and Myth overall has been a victim of power creep. I just wish we could either get another decent aoe or if we could just get a unique mechanic or spell that allows us to control our minions. I doubt a revamp is on top of the "To Do List" so I guess we're gonna be stuck without any changes for awhile longer.

Jun 02, 2017
People keep mentioning the 8 pip AOE from the wandering eye pet.... just as a reminder: that spell cannot be enchanted with sun cards as it is an item card given by a pet. Not only that, but you only have one copy per deck, and you are forced to use that specific pet to be able to progress assuming you rely on that card to make damage... it's unrealible and not pip efficient where it matters. Myth definitely needs a better AOE spell... Or maybe something else, like better minions that live long enough to deal damage-boosted AOEs.