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My Wizard101 ideas.

Jan 24, 2009
Hello i am iissaaaacccc My friends call me Angus for that is my wizard's name. While I am still level 51 and still a kid I am sure that beside that
fact you will enjoy my ideas. (I am a game freak after all)

New Worlds (Both at once) : Timinia and Spacinia these two worlds are connected as one when you walk into the Universal Portal you are put in between dimensions. You meet Timmlok and Spsased lol they are rivals because beings from each world are invading each other's worlds what they don't know is that Morganthe corrupted them (Morganthe is back)
they don't even know about Morganthe. when you take the side Timmlok is on you go to Timinia if you take the side Spsased is on you go to Spacinia.
New spells: Fire: Forest Fire 230 to all enemies plus 800 over 4 rounds
animation:A forest appears it catches on fire -_- what more do you need.
Ice: Ice age (this is a new type of spells) AAF (Attack all fighters)
700 to all fighters on the field+stun for two rounds. animation: The globe appears ( Earth) under everyone's feet it then turns to ice causing an Ice Age damaging all fighters
res i can't think of