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My poetry. Wizard101 and good vs bad

Jun 25, 2008

What is this magnificent place?
Am I in some sort of dream?
It has to be locked in a beautiful case
because no one can access its gleam

It’s a world of magic and wonder
it will make your eyes go POP
but be warned it will take you under
under to a halting stop.

Under where?
Under who?
under there
and under you.

It can out pass the fastest gun
It’s the most absolutely best thing ever
It’s called wizard101
and I can tell you, it’s very clever

There’s magical spells and magical creatures
wonderful worlds and wonderful friends
gorgeous graphics and gorgeous features
put it all in frappe and click blend.

When you click blend what do you get?
What do you get?! Wizard101!
have a good time, that’s your best bet
because everyday on and on, you will have tons of fun!


There are two kinds of people on this earth
there is good and there is bad
maybe this was decided at birth?
Either way it makes me mad

everyone should be good right?
Why have the need for crime?
Everyone should stand up and fight
fight to get rid of this slime

All Bad does is cause hurt and pain
Don’t they feel others’ feelings?
Do they use Bad for personal gain?
Maybe for some tricked out dealings

All I know is there is no reason for Bad
We’ll all fight and cheer to get rid of this pain
Because it will make us glad
Glad we got rid of this stain

This stain on earth, this hurtful scorn
it should be gone, forever more
It has to be forever torn
only then and only then, we will win and score