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My new wizard 101 ideas for the game!

Aug 14, 2009
I have a list of many ideas for wizard101 i am not trying to take it over or say any of these things will happen just wanted to make some suggestions that could improve the game for the better :)

1. Well First off i think there should be like a game update every one to two weeks like a new quest or something added to the game this could make people who have beating all the quests very happy.

2. The second request would be a higher max set level because it only takes a month or so if you have the time to accomplish the max set level so i think if you raise it it would be more of a challenge and more people would be willing to go for the length. Plus if you think about it like this if the max set level is 50 and you get 50 how much longer are you going to wanna play? I think if you raise it and make it take more time then it would affect the time length so you guys would make more money and players would play longer. If you get what i am saying ^_-.

3. New set of mini games like chess or checkers added to it or something like that because it kind of gets boring playing the same thing over and over. Dueling diego is kind of boring after one thousand times hehe >_<.

4. Trade clothes option but make the price drop to 1 gold when you trade it so you dont deal with real world trading people. I am just saying this because most people on this game have more then one character and if you get a death outfit on a ice character and you have a death character you want him to have it.

5. I think with classes if you pick two classes you should be able to get at least some of the rare cards from the other class you pick. Because i am ice and being new to the game i picked ice and storm and i was kind of disappointed that i did not get all of storms cards when i worked so hard throughout the game.

6. I also believe that bizaar should let you sell and buy level fifth zero outfits because i would rather buy outfits with the money i worked hard for rather then kill more and more when i just did that to get my money.

7.Make it so posts are not having to be approved because that takes way to long for people to respond to your ideas.

8. Make a New world that has the dragon titan as boss and wizard city being destroyed because it was not to late to stop malistair but he still summoned the dragon titan so i believe there should be a broken down wizard city after you beat him and that i have alot more thought behind this idea its just you have to tell what you think about this ^_- i cant give you all my ideas just yet on this topic because if i did then you might take it from me hehe.

I have alot more ideas and plans for you guys but i need you to reply back to me :)

(please dont delete my post i am just trying to improve the game and i want people to respond what they think about them. :)

May 19, 2009
If the posts werent approved then all sorts of bad language could get in. Other then that.........well sorry but i dont really like any of your ideas.

Aug 11, 2009
I myself love these ideas i dont know what that darth guy is thinking but these ideas are amazingly good for the older community of this game and the higher levels of this game.

May 28, 2009
i agree about wizard city being destroyed an you go back in time before it was destroyed an stop it from being destroyed like it i hope you reply!!!!!