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My new Spell Ideas!

Aug 09, 2013
These are my ideas for some spells

Blood Axe (4 Pips) : Player throws a bloody axe at the targeted enemy. Enemy takes 80 damage + 320 damage over 2 Rounds.

Diego (6 Pips) : Diego the Duelmaster comes outta nowhere and hits all enemies with his sword, dealing 600 damage.

Ultimate Power (7 Pips) : Next attack deals double damage.

You can add your own ideas by using this template

(Spell School) (Spell Name) (Number of Pips) : (What the spell does)

Have fun guys

- Jacob Bluesword, Level 19 Pyromancer

"You fizzle once, shame on you. You fizzle twice, shame on me. You fizzle three times, shame on your deck."