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My Many idea's for wizard101 :D!

May 06, 2009
First, i have a world idea. My world idea is to have an underwater world where malistare has captured mermaids and merman and are being possessed by a spell Malistare has put on them. This would also be the storm lord's lair. Zeke's little hiding objects would be seahorses. There would also be some new pets like a Sea Dragon that would crawl on land but swim in water, an octopus pet the just crawls everywhere, and a mini mermaid pet! Speaking of pets i had another idea. Why do we only have one pet at one time? Why do we just have pets sit there in our inventory or bank? Why can't we have our pets in our house or walking with us. One of my ideas is to have four pets walking with you. You can have one main pet that you use and then you can have three other pets walking with you! Two on the ground and two in the air! For having them in our house i was thinking that they would walk around outside or inside! For the one's that are evil you can have cages for them! My last idea would to raise the level's to 75 or 100 so we can have more a widen variety of things :).
But you know you guys don't have to do these idea's i just like thinking of new idea's!

Aug 23, 2009
i like your Sea world idea, but the four pets walking behide you i dont like that one so much, but i have seen a few topics about the pets walking around in your house so i think that would be cool

PS. this is just my say on the matter

May 02, 2009
I like all ideas.

But I think if the level cap gets raised, I don't think it should be that high just yet.

I defenatly like the four pet active idea.

I hope that they implement that into the game.

They should at least make it so we can have at least 2 pets active.

The atlantian would seems cool, where Ambrose would cast a spell on you to make it so you can breath underwater, like a fish.

The levels could be for Magus and up.

May 06, 2009
Jun 16, 2009
the best idea is that the pets walk free in your house.
but i already know that you kill malistaire on dragonspyre.
so that idea will not work for the underwater place.
Another thing four pets will be bad just does not sound good.
But it gave me a idea!
What if we can dress are pets.

Jason Stormwhisper

Aug 14, 2009
Straw i understand you put alot of thought into these ideas but it seems kind of unlogical the sea world would be cool and all but if your trying to sell your ideas to people explain it a little bit more. First of all i love the sea world idea but if you ever beat the game you need to understand this would have to be a world before you beat the game because you kill malistair. Second off the seahorse idea with zeke would work perfect. I dont really like the animals all following you idea but besides that this idea could be built onto to work. Change the boss because malistair would not play a good role in this. If your trying to add onto the game. It also kind of seems like you favor storm lord. It justs like saying Lets make a entire world of ice just for a Frost Giant Boss. Lasty i just want you to know i am not trying to bust your ideas i just want you to think about them a little more. Maybe a cool new boss. Like a sea god but certainly not a storm lord hehe.