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My level 78 spell Ideas plus level 78 pets!

Apr 29, 2011
Well here they are ^^:

(All rank 10, 10 pips)


Name: Sphinx

Effect: 1175 Balance Damage and stun for 1 round to 1 Enemy. Plus a +25% Balance Damage bubble.

Appearance: A beautiful eygptian Woman who has the Head of a Human and body of a cat with great eagle wings stares at the enemy with black, cat eyes. She claps her paws together, and flaps her huge wings so that sand is circling around her, then she hisses at the enemy, then pounces on the enemy and slashes the enemy with razor sharp claws, causing the damage. She dissolves into sand which now gets blown by the wind, shoots right at the enemy and hits him, which makes the stun, then it blows away. The scene vanishes, and the +25% Balance Damage Bubble Appears(looks similar to Power play).


Name:Electric Squid

Effect: 100+1500 damage over 3 rounds to one enemy, plus stormblade to caster.

Appearance:A giant Sea appears, with giant waves and a storm with spiraling Black clouds above, suddenly a whirlpool appears in the middle of the Sea, The squids head and tentacles emerge from it, they are pinkish purpleish with electric bolts around them, then its tentacles slap all of the enemies with its tentacles which does the damage, and the dot forms.
Then it turns around and squirts ink at the caster, which does makes the stormblade.


Name:Frost Grendel

Effect: 1095 damage to 1 enemy, plus a -90% Tower shield to caster.

Appearance: A giant icy blue Grendel with furs around him and a huge club comes out of an Icy cave in a forest where there is a blizzard.(he is about the same size of jotun) He uses his giant club and swings it at the enemy causing the damage. Then turns and throws some snow into the air and it gets taken by the wind and forms the tower shield on the caster.

School: Fire

Name: Cockatrice

Effect: 1250 damage and stun for 1 round to all enemies,plus -20% accuracy smoke screen to all enemies.

Appearance: A Huge Creature with the Head of a Bird with a red beak and feathers, and the body of a lizard with red scales appears, it shoots flames from its mouth at the enemies causing the damage, then breathes smoke from its nose and mouth and it goes around all enemies forming the smoke screens. Then as it flaps its wings and ashes shoot at the enemies hitting them, forming the stun, then it flies of crowing.(I couldnt think of a background or landscape to put it in so please give me suggestions XD)


Name: Hercules

Effect: 1,020 damage and stun for 1 round to all enemies, plus remove all blades from all enemies.

Appearance: A glowing tall muscular man with a long red cloak and red hair comes out from a giant Parthenon looking building on a grassy cliff with a dark blue starry sky, he glares down at your enemies, and sends blinding light towards them from his eyes, causing the damage. Then he smashes the enemies with his hands, causing the stuns. Then the scene dissapears and the blades are removed from all enemies.

School: Death

Name: Hades

Effect: 1,025 and stun for 1 round to all enemies, plus a +25% death damage bubble

Appearance: Giant Black skeleton gates appear, And then they open, And hades Walks out, He is tall and skeletal looking with a blueish tint on his skin, with blue flame for hair(Hercules ftw! XD) and glowing yellow eyes, holding a old skeleton staff, he looks down at the enemies,And shoots blue flames at them from his staff causing the damage. Then he stomps on the enemies, forming the stun. He walks back through the skeletal doors, and they close, the scene vanishes, and the death damage bubble pops up (looks similar to doom and gloom).


Name: Gaia (Mother earth Or mother nature)

Effect: 25+960 damage over 3 rounds and stun for 1 round to all enemies, and a +25 life damage bubble
Appearance: A tree lady with glowing green eyes appears(like dryad, but more fierce and wilder looking), in a forest full of life, with lots of other life creatures there. (satyr, centaur, ect)
Then she lifts her arm, and thorny vines come out, she whips all the enemies with them, causing the damage, the Dots appear on the enemies. Then she moves her arms, causing trees to fall on the enemies, forming the stuns. The scene vanishes, and the life damage bubble pops up (Looks similar to sanctuary)

And now the pets!

Life: Centaur, gives some sort of better centaur card :P

Death: Katzensteinz Monster, Gives a (little) better Katzensteinz monster card.

Myth: Basilisk gives a Basilisk card that's (a bit) better.

Balance: Ra, gives a Ra card that's (a bit) better.

Ice: Woolly Mammoth, gives a Woolly Mammoth card thats (a bit) Better.

Fire, Efreet, Gives an Efreet card that's (a bit) better.

Storm: Triton, Gives a Triton card, that's better.

O and there will be lots of hybrids :D but I cant think of any now XD.
What do you think?