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My ideas for wizard101

Jun 06, 2009
I thought(some)of these up at night while i was trying to sleep.
I hope you like them!

1:Useable funiture.Write on a sign,sit in a chair,jump on trampoline,ect.

2:Home pets.Either buy special pets or the pets you do not use wander
around the house.

3:Minigame tree/tent.You could buy it and play minigames with it.

4:Weather effects.For your house you could buy weather such as snow,embers,pixie dust,ect.

5:PvP Skull Riders.I have always liked the minigame skull rides and wished KI would make it into a bigger thing.

6:Neighborhoods.Make a list of people who could go to your house anytime.

7:Home guards.People oftenwonder upon this that if you have guards they need to guard something or else they wouldnt be called that.So I think that you should be able to set a reward for beating all the guards such as gold,items,or furiture.
Ask questions if you need to!
Well then thats all I got.
see ya in the spiral!
Austin DragonStone lv23 thaumaturge!

Jun 23, 2009
I'd like some new additions to the mini-games. There's only a couple that I really like to play and they get old pretty quick.