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Music Player: World Organization

Jan 31, 2011
You know when you go to a music player to select some good Marleybone music, but can't find it. Well with the World Music Organizer you can go to music player and choose the world music that you want. When you click on the "Marleybone" or "Zafaria" icon, all the Marleybone or Zafaria scrolls that you own will show up. And you can choose your music at ease. And don't worry if you want all the scrolls to show up there can be a button that says "All Scrolls" and every scroll for every world will show up.

You can also pair world scrolls, by checking the worlds you want to pair and clicking "Pair" those selected worlds scrolls will play. And if you get confused or mess something up, just click "Reset."

Anyone like the idea?

Lucas Firedust