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Multiple dyes shops/salon

Mar 19, 2009
Hello all! I have a great idea that I hope you guys like too :-)
Who gets annoyed about having to travel all the way back to Wizard City just to dye a robe? Or shoes? Or change a pet's name? Yeah, me too. That's why I think we should have a dye shop in every world of the spiral!!! How cool would that be?
Another idea: I think we should be able to change our hair and eyes. When you create you wizard for the very first time, you choose that stuff and it stays that way. Forever! Sometimes, you might (I know I do) get tired of the same hairstyle and (I dont get annoyed by this one) eyes. There should be like a "mini shopkeeper" like the ones that teach you spells of sell recipes in the corner of they dye shop (s??) and there you can change your hair/eye style and hair/eye color. Now, this woulndt be cheap, maybe a thousand of so for the hair and maybe seven hundred for the eyes? No outrageous, but not so cheap you are tempted to do it every day Thanks for listening and please post your ideas on how well (or bad) this would work! Thanks! :-)