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Nov 30, 2012
As we all know, the new worlds have become much more complex ever since the introduction of Celestia. Don't get me wrong, I love the game and want it to keep going. There's just one problem: I'm not exactly a "social" player. Up until Dragonspyre, I found it easier to simply play alone, occasionally playing with my brothers as well. Now, things have changed. The game is much harder, and you simply can't play solo. Some hard-core players find a way to do it, but when it comes to the average player like me, we can't do that. So here's my idea.

A new feature called multi-play. Just like regular mode, you play online just like everyone else. The only difference is that it allows you to play multiple wizards on the same account, at the same time. Here's how I think it would work:
Next to the normal "play" button, there would be a second option for multi-play. When you click this button, a drop screen appears displaying all your wizards. You can select up to four at a time. The logistics of it all get a little complicated when your wizards are different levels and on different quest lines, but here's how it would work.

In game you can select the controlled wizard. He/she moves, and the rest follow, but don't act as actual players. By clicking on them you can still view them, but to change spells and clothing, they must be controlled.

The system would be set to the lowest denominator. Meaning, upon entering the game, you start wherever the lowest leveled character can go. This makes it so you must get your wizards all to high levels. For accepting quests, if none of your wizards have it, they all are given it, making accepting and completing quests simple.

For battles, it gets a little tricky. All enter at the same time. I have two different ideas for selecting spells: 1) you just pick the spells for one, and then the next, and so on. Or 2) each wizards spells are all shown, and by going up and down with the cursor it moves between different wizards.

Those are the basics, but if there is more that needs to be explained, I can do so. I feel like this is a great idea for everyone. It would benefit the younger players and more relaxed players, making it easier for them to play through the harder worlds, because even now people are struggling, creating multiple accounts just to keep going. And even the hard-core players would enjoy this, because, come on, who wouldn't want to dish out their four best wizards at the same time. I can't see anyone wouldn't enjoy that. So please let me know what you think and ask any questions you have :)

Nov 30, 2012
Note that many people already do this, only in a more complicated way. I myself, and many others, have already had to rely on this. Only, we have had to use multiple accounts. This works, but it is a hassle to have to have multiple windows open and control 2-3 wizards all at the same time.
This would just allow a simpler method to doing this. All wizards would be controlled at the same time. You can select a wizard to control who would move (the others would follow, unable to speak or drug into battles), and speak to other players. Switching to the other wizards could be done by selecting them and there would be an option to "Control Wizard".

I think we need this idea. Some people like me just can't handle some of the higher levels on our own, and sometime's it just isn't possible to rely on players you don't know. It could be as simple as just playing as two wizards, because you can't find a Life friend who you need to heal.

I'm still trying to think of ways to allow someone to control four wizards when in a battle because it does seem time-consuming. I suggest either 1) all four sets of cards are available, and by going up and down with the mouse, it scrolls through the 2-4 wizards' decks. or 2) Once you select the first wizard's spell, the next wizard's spells pop up. This would add a whole new strategy to the game, relying on quick-thinking to make sure you select the right spells for all your wizards.
Again, some people might think this idea is like cheating. But really, it's not. It's for the less-aggressive players who struggle with the harder gameplay, and the younger players like my younger brothers who can't grasp the harder concepts. Also, again I say that I don't see why anyone wouldn't enjoy playing as all their wizards at the same time, watching them work together. I think it would be amazing.

Oct 24, 2010
I love, love, love this idea! I play solo 99% of the time simply due to my limited availability (work and real life) and while I've gotten my Life wizard through everything up to and including almost all of Mirror Lake, I just can't get past it alone. Having a wizard or two that I can set up and control correctly would be a godsend!

I really hope that KI takes a look at this and acts on it. Although their answer might be "buy henchmen," those things do not work in battles where you need control.

Jun 02, 2013
I would like to start off with the fact that I am, mostly, a solo player my self, and I would absolutely love to be able to control multiple wizards on one account. I could create the "perfect" group make up and progress through The Spiral a lot easier than my current method. This aside...

The technology nightmare this would bring KI, and the development team, is above my pay-grade lol.

Multiple wizards in duels is great for the added damage, healing, or utility support. The idea of one mind controlling all the group has it's benefits as well, but I feel that 30 seconds to choose the spell casting for up to 4 wizards brings it's fair share of problems as well. Positioning within the duel, involuntary passing due to wizard spells not being selected in time, etc.

I think another major issue with this concept is the sudden lack of money KI would receive, which keeps Wizard101 updated, and maintained.

Subscriptions would drop.
Any eligible accounts would consolidate their wizards onto one account.
Less future accounts would be created because there simply is no longer a need for it.

While word of mouth, or advertising may offer slight off-sets to many players, I feel the scales would not tip in KI's favor.

Like I said, I love the idea, but I seriously doubt KI would ever implement it.

Nov 30, 2012
mmoluvr, I agree with you. When I thought of the idea, I figured it would be a longshot, but I figure if enough people like the idea they could even slightly consider it.

Since the only people I ever play with are my little brothers (and let's face it, they can only help so much), I need a way to solo easily. Plus, the younger age group, where my brothers are, struggle. I think it would help the younger games and the relaxed solo players.

Still, there is a chance it could increase profits, or at least not lower them by much. I, for one, would definitely be more apt to consider purchasing expensive bundles or longer subscriptions if I knew all my wizards would benefit from it. If solo players are playing on multiple accounts, they would be more hesitant to dump a lot of money on so many accounts, whereas if it was all going to one account benefiting all their wizards, they might be more likely to purchase. I've been hesitant to purchase 30+ bundles or year-long memberships (and probably won't) but if this were to someone be implemented right now, I would by a year-long subscription right away.

Still, I do agree with the battles. I have been trying to think of the most time-efficient way to do this. Perhaps if you are playing as four of your own wizards, the game simply removes the countdown since their are no other wizards (pvp would not be allowed during multi-play). Playing as 2-3 wizards is tricky since other wizards could join, so you couldn't take forever. Maybe for every extra wizard it adds five seconds (and like I said, the game would recognize when you have four wizards, and just remove the countdown. This would also disable accidentally missing a round)

Just a thought, still unlikely we'll ever see it, but I would definitely buy more often if this was possible KI!!

Jan 28, 2012
I'm also a "Solo" Player myself. I support the concept and think I's an addition we really need. I don't think it's fair that people who can afford more than one membership should have an advantage over people who don't. Just like people who can afford lots of crowns should not be granted the ability to be a lot stronger than people who don't.

However, there are problems I see with this idea, and that's why I never suggested it myself. Every game needs to set the right amount of challenge so we, as players, would actually enjoy it. being a level 30 wizard with only one level 100 wizard following around everywhere would already be too easy. Also, the game is designed for some parts of it to be played alone, and some parts to team up with other player. Implementing your suggestion as it is will destroy that dynamic KI planned for the game.

I suggest small, but important changes to your suggestion.First, only in places that are meant to be played with a group (Waterworks, Mirror Lake, Darkmoor, etc...) We should have the ability to "Summon" other characters on our account. Your way you suggested of controlling the group is good and I suggest that on battles we would see all four hands at the same time (for better strategy and time managing). One more restriction I think is in order, is that the level gap between the played character and the characters you summon should be restricted to 15. So, if I got a level 41 character I can summon to it's aid other characters that are level 26-56

Good suggestion, I really hope it will be implemented.

Nov 30, 2012
Yeah Ian I see where you are coming from. In this instance, I assume that KI could easily find ways to overcome technical issues that would be caused by this. For example as to what you said, places only a single character could enter could be dealt with by simply "putting the other characters on hold". This way, they basically are offline while the last wizard completes their quest. I also see how this game can make it too easy to complete the game. However, I asumme all the people who feel This way would simply not use this feature. I thought of this more as a way for the younger players who cannot play by themselves (for example, my little brothers constantly want my help or want to use my wizards when they are stuck on bosses). They struggle with strategies more so this would actually make the game more fun and easier, allowing them to also become great players. Also, it would be for the more relaxed players who tend to solo and struggle compared to the hard core players who constantly group up and are overall better with strategies. KI could still put a level difference limit on all the Wizards being used. But maybe it could be higher, such as 30-50. This way the lower wizards would eventually catch up and then all the wizards would be on the same quests eventually