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Moving in to Freinds Houses(+Apartments)

Dec 19, 2009
Well i still think it is an idea that might go wrong. I think KI should spend time on making house items work, such as beds, chairs and stuff...no point having them if you cant use em. :)

May 21, 2009
I like this idea, but I have a question. Would apartments be actual buldings on your property? I love this idea because if a person has too much space or too many castles he or she can give one to a friend. I do agree that some wizards might use it for what it is not suppose to be used for, but most won't. Overall I think this is a pretty good idea, KI should sooooooo make this real. Thank you for reading!

May 26, 2009
Good idea i do think they should add that. not too small like a dorm but not too big like a castle

Dec 24, 2008
StormWizard1201 wrote:
Well, here's my idea of it, plus, I LOVE THE IDEA MAN!!
~ The Steps of It ~

4. When the owner hits "Accept " it would disappear and then your friend will leave. ( If the owner Declines, it would disappear and nothing will happen. )

5. You would teleport and go into your home. You see a screen below and say, "Measure how much you both want". Then you would measure how much your friend and you would want. If you put it in the middle, then it would cost Gold ( 50% of how much the House cost would be how much you pay to do this.)

6. Then, you would teleport into your "land" outside. It would say in a box below, "Measure how much you both want". Then you would measure it. Then, it would cost 25% Gold of how much the home cost.

7. After you Pay, and Make the measurement. Then you would see a box say, "Are you" the below would say, "Done", "Not Done" and "Exit". (When ya hit Exit, you don't do the Home thing.)

8. When ya press "Done" you would teleport to your home again. But, it would be different. There wouldn't be any boxes or editing or anything. And it's just the same. But, you can't Plant, and Place stuff there.

9. Then your friend will get a message saying, "Your Home is done." then below, "Go to" or "Don't Go to". Then your friend would go to their shared home.

10. Then, you would see where your share is. Then, you get started.

Details : The Friend has to pay 35% Gold of the Cost of the Home. Your land would show up in blue if you want to see where it is.

John Thundercaster ~ Fire, Life, and Ice
Lvl. 39

Andrew Earth ~ Balance, and Myth
Lvl. 12
why pay and measure then you have split the place how about just leaving it but letting others control it.
Also you should be able to use some of the items like beds and chairs

Aug 16, 2009
Sure, sounds like an good idea. In order to share a part of your house, i basically think you scould have an option to place a grid for how much space that person has. After that, you can choose their rights.
You can choose to allow them to place furniture and take them back, place and take furniture of the owners house, only allow them to move furniture, or make sure no moving or editing of that zone is allowed and only the owner can. This would make maximum security.

You would only give place and take to real life friends while a stranger gets no rights and can only live there. Also, Kingsisle actually makes logs or something of all things people said and they say they look over them. So if any "funny things" happen, they can permanently ban that person from the house or even Wizard 101 for 24 hours.

Jun 30, 2010
they should make it that the owner gets paid a certain ammount of money from the person thats staying with them 100 gold-1000 gold depends on the house. well anyways its an awesome idea!!

May 02, 2009
ok there are a lot of problems like the items used and why would you want to share a house you can never log in the house a houses are just for show. know that's a mean post.

Mar 30, 2010
Maybe KingsIlsle could make it so you could only share a castle with a True Friend?The kind where you exchange codes in real life,you know?

Destiny Mistwalker,

Master Diviner