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Mounts: Horses

Oct 14, 2009
I love the horse, but.. They look so mean!! The horse guys that we fight are nicer looking than the ones we ride. I'd like to suggest some different types of hoirse we can purchase as mounts. Maybe keep the current one we have, but add a few others for us to choose from?

For example, right now mares and stallions look exactly the same. Shouldnt a mare look like a "girl"? Maybe something like a long mane and tail, and not such a HUGE umm... back side ;)

Also, I'd like to have the option to buy a horse that didnt look so silly. What about making a horse that looks closer to a real one or horses that have different facial expressions? Like, the option to buy a horse that has a nice smile, or one thats wearing a wizard hat?

I also think that if we have to purachse these pets and mounts, that we should be able to change their colors! Please allow us to change the colors of our mounts and pets. I'll admit thats one reason why I dont buy crowns for mounts and pets. I dont feel I should have to take the generic color if I buy something.

Neela FairyPants

Jul 21, 2009
if memory serves... there will be more than 100 different mounts eventually (i think 130?)

May 22, 2009