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mount jewels

Jul 20, 2012
wouldn't it be neat if mounts had a jewel slot? a crescent moon shaped jewel that increases movement speed by: +4%, +8%, +12%, +16%, or by +20% movement speed. of course there are lots of mounts, can put one on several if you'd like if you had the jewels. one of your favorite (if you have one) mounts can be much more speedy. it could really help if you need to go somewhere that's across a map of a world, also if you haven't placed a mark from somewhere you wanted to go to later, it could make it a bit faster. add in the Boots Of The Comet for an even more boost of speed. so a possible max speed boost of +68% movement speed (+40% type speed mount, +20% jewel, +8% boots of the comet). idk if there are already gear type jewels that increase speed, so if not, this is an idea for mount.