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Mount Ideas - Any Ideas Are Welcome!

Sep 03, 2011
As you know balance gets the only spell based mounts and the only 3 person mount so every school should get a spell based three person mount

: obviously a mammoth

: bone drake looks more like the spell and not the bone dragon

: a spinysaur

: an orthorus

: heck hound or fire dragon

: a storm owl

Nov 14, 2010
a mount based off of model mb automobile housing item which i put inside detectives hoard pack idea

Nov 14, 2010
Cunning Finnigan S... on May 19, 2013 wrote:
What about a...magical Surf Board mount? It would give off some magic dust as the bottom and come in 3 variaties of colors. Maybe a Sunset coloring (Red, Orange, and Yellow), a Sunrise coloring (Pink, Light Purple, and Blue), and a Night/Dusk coloring (Black, Light Blue, Purple, and Indigo with Star prints)

Also how about a Skate Board mount? Again a little modern to the game but the wheels would give off Sparks, Flames, or Frost and have a Wizard101 design.

Do you guys remember so Comet Boots and Fast Runner's Boots? The ones that give +4-8% percent speed and nothing else? Well what if we had Roller Skate boots that gave +12% and some extra stats? Not exactly a mount but it would be nice.

Lastly, what about a Mermaid/man fin? They give +40% speed. They work just like the Wing mounts. When you equip it, from the waste down you have a fish tale. Since things are magical, you can float about land and swim in water. Sweet, right?

I think these would be cool. Lol I totally took a Beach-themed out look on these guys.
boots of the comet use to give 12% speed and slipstream use to give 8% still not too happy about that update

Sep 08, 2011
i think there should be a giant snake mount i hope they consider the ideas and maybe even add them!

Mar 01, 2011
There could be a kraken mount? Maybe like the enraged kraken in the cave of solitude in mooshu?
I had a dream one night and idk why but I was riding a mander... there was a saddle on its neck XD that might not be a good idea I just wanted to say it.
A spider mount?
A wildclaw mount?
A mermaid mount?
A wave mount? Like your riding a wave
Maybe a carriage mount? And you could pick your own horses for it.
And each school could have their own mount. But instead of buying it with crowns, the school teacher could call them at a certain level and they could do a quest for their mount and it could be from a spell from that school.
Like for it could be a scorpion or a scarab or chimera.
For maybe a mammoth or an ice snake.
For this isn't from a spell but maybe a dark crow.
For a sunbird or a helephant?
For a humongofrog or maybe a troll?
For a centaur or a satyr??
For a kraken or wave like I said or storm shark or maybe a stormzilla?
And for the astral schools those could be in the crown shop.
Also maybe the school mounts could give benefits for battle and stuff like that. Also the school mounts could be 2 or 3 person mounts. I really hope KI considers these ideas
Brittany Ravenmask 85

Apr 08, 2011
I got a really good idea who about a sun bird mount!

Dec 15, 2008
I'd like to see characters become elemental "mounts", meaning that when ever the person moves they turn into their school element.

- Sandstorm
-Blizzard or floating snowball or a big rolling snowball
-a floating skull with black streaks coming off
-earthquake or an open floating book with little pictures of myth minions floating around it
-a whirlwind of leaves
-tempest or a lightning bolt

Feb 01, 2011
They should have mounts that are like the spells!
Ice Wyvern
that two-headed dog spell (but a mount) I think it's called Orthrusor two Ninja Pigs carrying a throne that you sit on
Jade Oni or something like that which you can ride on
A Storm Owl would be really cool even though it's not a spell

~Cheyenne GiffinCaller Level 54, Myth