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Mount Ideas!!

Mar 11, 2012
Here are my mount ideas

~Butterfly (you get to choose between different colors)
~Raven wood Student (favorite) It would be like in the crown shop before you by it, instead of changing colors you can pick its starting outfit, face, and hair then (like a mannequin) you place it in your room to change its clothes. Btw you ride it like a piggy-back ride.
~Giant Kitten
~winged cat
~Giant Pizza (my sister told me this one lol)
~Car (4 person mount)
~Wagon (3 person mount. One driving the wagon, and 2 people inside waving around on either side)
~Giant Boulder (Spongebob XD)
~Convertable (2 person mount)
~Bed on wheels (wizard can sleep on this mount while some kind of slave or servant pulls it)
~Christmas Mouse (christmas special)
~Rocket tree ( the leaves would be in the back on fire)

OK, now i'm just being weird lol. I'm too creative or my own good.

Mar 01, 2014
I really like your idea of the butterfly one because I can already imagine all of the cool color combos. Your ravenwood student mount would be very funny to see running around the spiral. I also like your car, wagon, and convertible idea. The boulder mount cracked me up XD I would love to see that, it would be an awesome special!
Katie Smith level 50

Dec 05, 2012
i like the ideas. here is one of my own, a go kart. it should be a two person mount with the driver using a steering wheel and a stick shift. you should get to have a customizing page when you buy it so you could choose the color and add like flames on the side or a school symbol or say stuff like, fire rocks!, balance rules!, i am awesome! and you could chose to have no symbol or words on it. i bet lots of people would buy it!

Jul 03, 2014
all of these are amazing and if i was the person that accepted this id accept them!!!