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Mount Ideas!

Jan 25, 2010
Here are a few mount ideas! Opinions wanted!

Fire Dragon
Looks Like: level 48 fire Fire Dragon spell.
Speed: + 50% walk speed
Cost: 12 000 crowns
Special: So high that its feet skim along people's heads.

Enraged Serpent
Looks Like: a really long large emerald serpent that has three seats. Gleaming yellow eyes and a gaping mouth that reveals fangs.
Speed: 40%
Cost: 20 000 crowns
Special: Can seat three players.

Woolly Mammoth
Looks Like: level 68 ice Woolly Mammoth spell.
Speed: 40%
Cost: 13 000 crowns
Special: Can seat two players.

More ideas!

May 12, 2009
I like these Ideas, but instead of buyable mounts, howabout level 68 or 78 mounts! I mean by then everybody should have a mount anyway, so why not give each school a special mount for them only?