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Mount Hotkey

Dec 13, 2008
There are shortcut keys to just about everything, yet none to equip and un-equip your mount. It would be a wonderful help to have a key do that instead. It's very frustrating to have to open your menu every time to get on or off your mount.

Sep 17, 2012
B opens your backpack anyways, so if your mount was the last thing you did in the backpack it opens directly to the mount already. No real need for this, most people don't get on/off their mounts unless the area makes them anyways.

Mar 13, 2014
I have posted before asking for a mount hotkey, and got similar negative comments. In fairness, once you get past Marleybone the need to get off mounts to maneuver around street mobs pretty much dwindles.

If you are having a lot of trouble getting drawn into unwanted fights, you might take a hard look at your current mount, if its one of the big clumsy ones its always going to be hard to maneuver. I find the basic broom to be one of the most manueverable mounts there is, and you can buy them with gold, no crowns needed. The "wing" mounts (not really mounts but a pair of wings that sprout out of your character's back) are also very maneuverable, and I hear people say good things about most of the cats (lion, tiger, panther, jaguar, not the sabretooth which is bigger). The sad truth is that most of the big spectacular crown mounts are actually pretty hard to get around in no matter how cool they look.